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Sandra Lades

NIM Market Decisions Day 2022

The future of the customer journey – do we still think and decide by ourselves?

The customer journey is the journey of customers along various touchpoints with a company.
This "customer journey" will change immensely as a result of new technologies and the digital transparency.

  • How, for example, do smart assistants like Alexa & Co. or chatbots change the customer journey?
  • Will people still create their shopping lists themselves or will a machine do it?
  • Will purchasing decisions then still be made freely?
  • How will power relations change in the marketing of the future if the algorithm only puts two product suggestions on the shopping list?

These were just a few of the topics that we dealt with at the NIM Market Decisions Day 2022 relating to the customer journey of the future.


The program (German version only)

There were top-class speakers from science and practice:

  • Vince Ebert, keynote speech, scientist, ARD moderator and cabaret artist
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Hildebrand, Full Professor of Marketing Analytics and Director of the TechX Lab, University of St. Gallen
  • Jenny Fleischer, CEO GmbH and Lecturer Digital Sales at the HWZ University of Applied Sciences in Zurich
  • Matthew Griffin, futurist and tech evangelist, founder of the 311 Institute
  • Dirk Ploss, Senior Early Innovation Manager, Beiersdorf AG
  • Thomas Ramge, non-fiction author, technology correspondent for brand eins and The Economist
  • Stefan Wenzel, Independent Advisor, Ex-CEO Ebay Germany, Tom Tailor Digital

The NIM Market Decisions Day 2022 in pictures 

Wolfgang Schmitt –  ///  ​Max Schwarzhans 

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