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Koen Pauwels

Marketing Dashboards - The Next Generation

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May 23, 2023


Koen Pauwels is Associate Editor for the Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Consumer Research. His managerial books include Break the Wall: Why and How to Democratize Digital in Your Business and It’s Not the Size of the Data – It’s How You Use It: Smarter Marketing with Analytics and Dashboards. As Principal Research Scientist at Amazon’s Advertising Marketing & Insights team, Koen leads research and publication efforts focused on changing the way data is leveraged to drive advertising success, including recommendations to hundreds of thousands of advertisers (presentation in English).

David J. Reibstein is professor of marketing at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

This were the topics of the NIM Insights Lunch:

In times of exploding data volumes, managers are increasingly confronted with the task of turning "Big Data" into "Small Data" again.

  • But how can the daily flood of data be reduced to manageable and understandable quantities?
  • How can all employees be aligned with the same goals at the same time?

One solution to both challenges is the internal presentation of information in the form of marketing dashboards. But expectations for dashboards are rising: It's not enough to color performance indicators green or red. Decision makers also need to see how results are achieved and what marketing efforts will best achieve their goals.

At the NIM Insights Lunch, Koen Pauwels and David Reibstein explained how dashboards are evolving from pure reporting tools to dynamic diagnostic tools and provide ideas for even more efficient marketing in companies.

Watch the video on Youtube:


  • Koen Pauwels, Distinguished Professor of Marketing, Northeastern University Boston, MA, USA
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