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NIMCon 2023

The NIM Market Decisions Research Meeting

At the NIMCon, the NIM opens its doors to scientific exchange: The NIMCon is an interdisciplinary conference on topics related to consumer behavior and consumer decisions. Researchers from universities and other research institutions come together to discuss the latest findings from (behavioral) economics, psychology, marketing, management, data science, artificial intelligence, and business informatics. The guests include renowned researchers as well as up-and-coming young scientists. Together with NIM experts, research results and innovative approaches related to the topic of market decisions are discussed.

The second NIMCon took place from September 17 to 19, 2023. Central topics of NIMCon2023 were market decisions and sustainability. From different perspectives, we discussed determinants of individual decisions as well as their consequences for markets, businesses, and society. Guests included Štěpán Bahník (Prague University of Economics and Business), Prof. Dr. Sebastian Goerg (TUM), Prof. Dr. Monika Imschloss (Leuphana Universoty Lueneburg), Darius-Aurel Frank (Aarhus University), Prof. Dr. Kathrin M. Moeslein (FAU), Anne Odile Peschel (Aarhus University) und Michaela Waenke (University of Mannheim).

Pictures of the NIMCon 2023 which took place in the offices of the NIM in September 2023:


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