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Dr. Carolin Kaiser

Deep Learning World VIRTUAL

Our Talk at the Deep Learning World VIRTUAL

Tuesday, May 12, 2020
Start time: 11:55 am

Artificial Voices in Human Choices – Deep Learning for Speech Synthesis with Emotional Tone

Voice assistants are becoming more and more popular. Today, most available voice assistants still talk with non-emotional tone. However, recent press announcements and patents of big IT companies indicate that this is about to change. From a marketing perspective, this raises the question: How will voice assistants talking with emotional tone impact consumer’s behavior? For example, could a voice assistant with an exciting tone make consumers impulsively buy products they hadn’t planned to buy before? In this talk, Carolin and Rene presented a new deep learning model which synthesizes speech with emotional tone requiring only a small amount of voice recordings and they showed how the emotional tone of a voice assistant affects consumer’s behavior in a shopping experiment.

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