Working Papers Series

Our Working Paper Series

We are a non-profit organization for the research of consumer and market decisions.

Our Working Paper Series supports early sharing of new market research knowledge. Working papers reflect work-in-progress and are published to enable the rapid evolution of market research knowledge and stimulate the discussion among practitioners, market research institutes and academics.

If you have comments or feedback, please feel free to contact the corresponding author, whose address you find in the paper.

The most current version of the paper is always available on this website.  Please cite NIM Working Papers as:

Author name(s) (Year), Title, NIM Working Paper Series, No. X / 20XX.

The Working Paper Series comprises papers by researchers of NIM (formerly GfK Verein) and cooperation partners. Working papers will typically be revised and enhanced through further research before they are published in a peer-reviewed format. Please refer to the NIM Marketing Intelligence Review for methods and concepts by NIM and partners that have already undergone extensive academic peer review.