Cooperation Partners

NIM fosters active dialog and cooperation with experts from science and practice, innovators, think tanks and start-ups both in Germany and throughout the world. They include the following:

Aarhus University

Together with researchers from the MAPP Centre at Aarhus University, NIM investigates the determinants and drivers of sustainable consumption.

Berlin Institute for Population and Development

The Berlin Institute for Population and Development and NIM have been conducting joint research for many years on various studies such as “Europe’s Demographic Future. Where the Regions Are Heading after a Decade of Crises".

BAYES Business School – City, University of London

For the study “Adoption Rates for Contact Tracing App Configurations in Germany", NIM collaborated with researchers from the Bayes Business School in London who also investigated this topic in the UK (Wiertz et al., 2020).

Central University of Finance and Economics

Since 2014, NIM has been cooperating with the Business School of the Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE) in Beijing. Together with CUFE, NIM runs an experimental laboratory, where they are jointly investigating “Social norms and regulatory focus in marketing for real new products – an international comparison.”

Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg

NIM (formerly the GfK Verein) established the GfK Chair of Marketing Intelligence at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg in January 2007.

Institute for the Future

The Institute for the Future (IFTF) is a non-profit think tank based in Palo Alto, California, and the world’s leading organization for future-oriented thinking. IFTF and NIM have been cooperating as research partners since the end of 2019 and carry out joint research on “Future Ready Organizations.”


There is a long connection between NIM and KIT, especially with KSRI and the KD2 Lab. In this context, NIM is involved in both teaching and research.

MCI Management Center Innsbruck

Toghther with Prof. Sabrina Schneider from MCI Management Center Innsbruck, NIM is researching what role AI and algorithms can play in the innovation process of companies.


Justus Liebig University Giessen

Together with Prof. Dr. Jella Pfeiffer's department at Justus Liebig University Giessen, NIM is investigating several topics regarding the voice-based customer journey.


Nuremberg Institute of Technology

In collaboration with Prof. Dr. Florian Riedmüller from Nuremberg Tech, we started a research project investigating how the design of product labels affects consumer’s preferences and consumption behavior.

Technical University of Ilmenau

Together with Elena Freisinger, Junior Professor of Innovation Management, the NIM is researching the cognitive foundations of decision-making behavior in the context of product or business model innovation.

St. Gallen Symposium

The St. Gallen Symposium is the world’s leading initiative for intergenerational debates on economic, political and social developments. NIM and the St. Gallen Symposium have been cooperating since 2014 on the study “Voices of the Leaders of Tomorrow".

University of Pretoria

Workshops and doctoral seminars on experimental economic research, decision theory and behavioral science were established in 2012 and are part of the cooperation with the University of Pretoria. In addition to training and education, the cooperation also includes joint research, such as the project "Social preferences in Human-Computer-Interactions"

University of Siena

In a joint research project, NIM’s market decision labs and Prof. Alessandro Innocenti at the University of Siena investigate how computer agents with human characteristics drive anthropomorphism and change behavior in human-computer interactions.

ZOLLHOF – Tech Incubator

ZOLLHOF – Tech Incubator is the digital center for high-tech start-ups and corporate innovators in Middle Franconia. Founded by renowned companies and public partners, ZOLLHOF provides support to more than 50 start-ups and 10 companies in areas related to innovation and entrepreneurship.