Dr. Fabian Buder

Head of Future & Trends Research

Fabian leads the Future & Trends research group, which examines the future of decision-making in markets and strives for a better understanding of innovations and trends that may lead to disruptive changes in human decision-making. We create evidence-based insights into the impact of emerging developments on decision-making and how "to make the future" by taking actions toward better decisions.

Furthermore, he helps top-executives understanding how the growing group of “digital natives” want to communicate, cooperate, consume and make decisions – as consumers, as decision makers in companies and as entrepreneurs with the “Global Perspectives Barometer - Voices of the Leaders of Tomorrow". This annual global study is conducted in cooperation with the St. Gallen Symposium – an annual gathering of international decision-makers from the worlds of business, politics and science with selected top talent from all over the world. This special setting allows us to have access to a carefully selected, global community of the most promising young talent - academics, politicians, entrepreneurs and professionals of the age of 30 years or younger.

In addition, he lectures methods of marketing research and at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Nuremberg, Germany, and the Business School of the Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE), Beijing, China.

Holding a diploma in Sociology and a doctoral degree in Marketing, he brings a methodological background in quantitative and qualitative social research, and extensive practical experience in the market insights industry and the evaluation of development programmes.

Selected publications: