Vol. 16 / No. 1 / 2024

Generative AI - Reshaping the Marketing Landscape

Content Creation • AI-Support• Prompt Engineering • Large Language Models • Marketing Productivity • Marketing Ecosystem • Data Quality • Human Oversight

At its core, generative AI excels at highly efficient and highly customized content creation. It can generate compelling copy, blog posts, marketing images or designs that engage customers in novel and captivating ways. These developments have the potential to disrupt entire value chains of creative marketing. In this issue, leading researchers discuss these opportunities and challenges. They cover applications in advertising, search engine marketing and sales. They delve into how technologies can be prompted, combined and effectively trained for individual marketing objectives. This is complemented by industry insights, including the view of Taboola’s CEO Adam Singolda on Generative AI in online advertising and publishing.

Guest editor:
Mark Heitmann, Professor of Marketing & Customer Insight, University of Hamburg, Germany


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