Vol. 11 / No. 2 / 2019

AI and the Machine Age of Marketing

Using Digital Footprints • Algorithm Adoption • Chatbots • Moral Machines • Voice Control


In this issue, we explore how machines learn from the digital footprints of consumers; how and to which extent machines are able to sell; and the nuances of when using machines might actually backfire and cause disengagement and frustration for consumers. And we discuss the broader questions of artificial intelligence: Can machines be moral? What makes you trust in the answer or prediction of an algorithm? Do we make ourselves vulnerable as individuals and as society if we trust too much?


Guest editor
Christian Hildebrand,
Director and Professor of Marketing Analytics Institute of Marketing (IfM-HSG), University of St. Gallen, Switzerland


Article overview

Presentation of the NIM Marketing Intelligence Review issue on "AI and the Machine Age of Marketing"