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Metaverse Marketing

Thorsten Hennig-Thurau and Björn Ognibeni



Keywords: Metaverse, Virtual Reality, Virtual Worlds, Social Behavior


Some activities you do alone in a virtual environment might be better or substantially cheaper in the metaverse than on the 2D internet. Yet the real value of the metaverse is the social component of its environment. Companies can harvest this potential in various contexts. At work, the metaverse can be used for meetings and trainings in atmospheric settings, equipped with various tools and with zero travelling costs. For consumers, it offers joint consumption opportunities, encompassing many fields of entertainment such as movie watching, playing games and attending events, as well as shopping. And many services can benefit strongly from the unique “closeness” of customers and employees. The metaverse will grow strongly but not exponentially. Companies should get familiar with the new space and start small, exploring what works and what doesn’t and trying to understand what the metaverse shares with the physical world, and what sets it apart.


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Thorsten Hennig-Thurau, Professor of Marketing & Media Research and Academic Director XRLab@MCM, University of Münster, Germany, thorsten@hennig-thurau.de
 Björn Ognibeni, Co-founder ChinaBriefs.io and Strategic Director XRLab@MCM, University of Münster, Germany, bjoern@ognibeni.de